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Automotive cyber-security: off-board and on-board: standards & technologies

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

  • 10:30 AM (CET)
  • 5:30 PM (CET) / 11:30 AM (EST)

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Webinar Abstract

Safety and Security are two important non-functional requirements in the field of embedded systems for automotives. The need for safety addresses any and all physical harm that could affect the driver and the passengers, whilst Security addresses the protection of sensitive data within the car. In automotive applications, security encompasses safety as the tampering of sensitive information could have devastating effects on the system's safety.

Nowadays, fleets of automotives have operational needs to maintain over time a relevant level of security. To mitigate the growing threats and vulnerabilities in the field and protect end users from cyberattacks at both the network and automotive levels, a new strategy is needed to filter attacks in real time and implement a centralized protection mechanism for all connected modules.

Compliance to industry standards has always been paramount; thus this webinar will review Evita and Autosar standards but also the new ISO/SAE 21434:2021 standard for automotive cybersecurity.

This webinar will help you understand:
  • The different standards that exist and why is compliance so important?
  • How to protect against tampering attacks?
  • What is lifecycle security and how can it benefit the automotive industry?
  • Why is it important to protect the whole lifecycle of a device?




CTO at Secure-IC

Sylvain Guilley is co-founder and CTO at Secure-IC. Sylvain is also professor at “Télécom ParisTech”, associate research at “École Normale Supérieure” (ENS), and adjunct professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). His research interests are trusted computing, cyber-physical security, secure prototyping in FPGA and ASIC, and formal / mathematical methods.

Since 2012, he organizes the PROOFS workshop, which brings together researchers whose objective is to increase the trust in the security of embedded systems. Sylvain is also lead editor of international standards, such as ISO/IEC 20897 (Physically Unclonable Functions) and ISO/IEC 20085 (Calibration of non-invasive testing tools).

Sylvain has co-authored 200+ research papers and filed 30+ patents. He is member of the IACR, and senior member of the IEEE and the CryptArchi club. He is alumni from “École Polytechnique” and “Télécom ParisTech”.